On The Search Web, The Rich Don’t Get Richer

Interesting study that claims “search engines are not biased towards well-known Web sites. In fact, they actually produce an egalitarian effect as to where traffic is directed, say researchers at the Indiana University School of Informatics”.

Could have fooled me. Still, I haven’t read the study, and don’t have a degree in infomatics. This theory appears to cut across Mike Grehan’s “Rich get Richer” linkage theory, so it will be interesting to see if Mike responds.

The long tail structure of the Web is commonly explained through rich-get-richer models that require knowledge of the prestige of each node in the network. However, those who create and link Web pages may not know the prestige values of target pages.

Oh, I can think of one crowd that spends a lot of time thinking about the “prestige value of pages” 😉

As I say, the report isn’t out yet, so I’ll write a bit more when I’ve had a chance to read it. Anyone else care to comment?

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