Seven Hot Blog Topics

So you blog and blog and blog and nobody reads it or links to your blog. I know, it’s hard. So here are a few ideas to get the users involved.

1. You’re confused and hurt, and don’t know whether you should post pictures of your underwear model bitch ex-girlfriend in her undies. Ask for user feedback.

2. You think George W Bush is righteous fellow? Post how awesome you think he is – I guarantee many dissidents will take time out to correct you.

3. If you’re an SEO, post about how you got top ten rankings on Google by optimizing your meta keywords.

4. Post about how you have come to believe that men are genetically superior to women.

5. Post about your one night stand with Paris Hilton. (Photoshop comes in handy)

6. Call somebody famous a fraud and a punk.

7. Or, just be legitimately useful and post well thought out posts that help others, make them think, and are truly insightful.

There’s always going to be people calling out others for the publicity. Buck the trend. Be righteous. Be insightful. Or don’t blog at all.

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