Photo Of Google Data Center

Here’s a few photos of Google’s data center in Oregon. ‘Aint it erm…pretty (Attribution: JasonBettineski/Flickr – click for photostream)

Google Data Center

In other Google news, it is rumoured that Google, and other search engines, are paying some news sites for their content. Unconfirmed, but makes for some interesting reading:

“According to the report, news outlets such as AP are compensated on a per-click basis. They quote Google CEO Eric Schmidt: “The people who own the content did a lot of work to generate the content … We want them to get the majority of the revenue from advertising”

Unlike run-of-the-mill webmasters like you and me who do no work at all to generate our content.

“The Internet is nothing without content.”

Too true, but if you’ve got an audience, bricks and mortar, and some lawyers, then perhaps you can paid for that content, too? 😉

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