Cutt-lets Early Christmas Present

You haven’t been able to talk to the ever-amiable Matt Cutts at a conference? Now you can see the man himself on video. Nice work!

Matt has released three videos, in which he dishes out SEO advice:

Needless to say, these appear on Google Video, not You Tube 😉

There aren’t any transcripts that I’m aware of, but Matt covers some basic SEO themes, and dispels a few myths, including: validated code probably doesn’t give you any advantage in terms of ranking.

PS: The answer to session three is, obviously, both!

UPDATE: HalfDeck has transcribed much of the content here.

  1. HalfdeckHalfdeck08-01-2006

    Obviously no one reads my damn blog, lol. Though not a full-blown transcript, you’ll find notable quotes and summary on my latest post:

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo08-01-2006

    My mistake, HalfDeck. Thanks muchly!

  3. toddwtoddw08-01-2006

    Awesome! I loved being able to listen to this instead of reading. I was able to listen and work at the same time, worked great for me.

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