SEO: Not Difficult

SEO falls neatly into that 80:20 rule. Most of it is very easy, and can be boiled down to this:

  • Copywriting
  • Links and
  • Networking

The other 20% consists of all the little hacks, wider strategy and on-going changes in the search engine landscape.

Nick Wilson provides a good guide for those who don’t know much about SEO and want to take the do-it-yourself route, and it will only take a few minutes of your time.

  1. ChrisChris07-28-2006

    If your blog software writes titles like this: My Blog Title | My Post Title, you need to change them to this: My Post Title – My Blog Title

    That part was definately interesting. Might have to go down that route, as it seems this blog already has. 😉

  2. JoJoJoJo07-31-2006

    I wouldn’t neccesarily agree that seo is easy – straight forward perhaps and time-consuming definately.

    There are a lot of people/site owners who do not undertake their website’s themselves – they place it in the hands of a designer or seo and as such wouldn’t find seo easy or even wish to try and do themselves.

  3. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo08-01-2006

    That’s true – I’m probably overstating the case a little for the sake of a headline. However, if I was asked to explain the basics in 60 seconds or less, advocating copywriting, links, networking and crawlability would be a good start.

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