Google: Even Bigger Than The Real Thing

Remember back when it was fashionable to knock dot.coms? The stockmarket had crashed, tech shares got wiped clean off the map, and all the old-school businesses laughed long and loud: “we told you so”!

I think the world, well Google, actually, gets the last laugh.

(Google) now outranks old media stalwarts such as Sony, MTV and Reuters in terms of worldwide renown, according to Interbrand, the brand consultancy. A survey of the world’s best global brands, published yesterday, pointed to Google’s “almost limitless” potential as a company that has expanded beyond search and into email, advertising and aerial maps. The $117bn (£63bn) business is ranked 24th by Interbrand,”

And all this without advertising. Much.

Still, skeptics say it can’t last:

“Media experts argue that Google will soon have to slum it with other companies on TV screens and in magazine inserts because competitors such as Yahoo! and Microsoft will catch up with it. “Once the business matures it will have to advertise.”

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