Google Hacking On The Rise?

Using Google, and other search engines, to hack into vulnerable systems is nothing new. However, this article points to a marked rise in the number of attacks recently.

SureWorks, based in Atlanta, is detecting up to 8,000 attacks per day on databases owned by its clients, up from an average 100 to 200 attacks per day in the first three months of this year. The statistics come from data on its 1,300 clients, including financial institutions and utilities, most of which are located in the U.S. SecureWorks provides managed security services, including intrusion detection technology along with virus and spam filtering for e-mail“.

One high-profile SQL injection attack was aimed at CardSystems Solutions, a company that processed payment data for credit-card companies. The hacker used a SQL injection attack to install a program that transferred credit-card data from a database every four days to a remote computer.


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