Do You Know How Many Tags The Average Web Page Uses?

For those stats completists out there, Google have published a study that shows which tags are most popular in HTML mark-up. Go on, you always wanted to know 😉

a sample of slightly over a billion documents, extracting information about popular class names, elements, attributes, and related metadata”

How many different element types does an average Web page use? Nineteen, apparently. Surely a question for some geek quiz show somewhere…

  1. HalfdeckHalfdeck07-28-2006

    The first thing to notice is the huge number of markup errors involving the meta element. Markup such as:

    …which results in a meta element with eight attributes, and which doesn’t help anyone (least of all the search engines it’s aimed at, since the second attribute should have been content, not value, and therefore the entire element is likely to be ignored).

    Oh ok…so invalid code does sometimes throw Google off (not to rehash the old Amazon/Google doesn’t validate debate or anything).

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