Will Marketing Soon Be Dead?

Interesting argument from Doc Searles on the (near) furture death of Marketing & Advertising (Yes, that includes SEO/M):

“Google has revolutionized advertising by 1) making results affordable to nearly everybody, and 2) moving the waste to where it’s best tolerated, which is by servers pumping out stuff most people don’t mind ignoring. But it’s still waste. The day will come when something new will connect demand and supply directly and efficiently. (Maybe Google will do that too… who knows?). Then advertising as we know it will be a goner”

I disagree. Marketing and advertising have always been around, ever since Grunt built a better club and hit Og over the head with it, witnessed by Ugg. Said Ugg: “Yep, I’ll take two!” Marketing is a strategic process, and that doesn’t just happen merely because a buyer and seller exist, and can talk with one another. How about creating a sense of desire? Of hope? Identifying and solving problems? Demonstrations? Helping provide meaning and context?

And I’m not sure you’ve ever been able to truly separate relationships from this process. I think they’ve always been there, but I agree that they’re becoming more and more important.

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