Yahoo! Ads Appearing In Ebay Search Results

Searchenginejournal reports that Yahoo Search Marketing advertisements are beginning to be shown on some result pages in eBay.

Curious. I guess Yahoo! need to extend their distribution network, and Ebay are probably coming under price pressure from free competitors, such as whatever-Google-base-is.

On the topic of free competitors, The Paradigm Shift Blog has a provocative post about emerging Web 3.0 style companies:

“The “Free Site Revolution”  is going to turn many million dollar industries into  $50,000 a year industries.  I think we can sum up web 3.0 as  ”Good bye Venture Capitalists” and good bye “Paid Services” and good luck existing if your company has more then 5-10 employees.”

I’m not sure “free” is the answer to everything, because what sites really need to make them work is an active community. After all, there are plenty of free auction sites, with no buyers, and thousands of Web 2.0 community sites with…erm…no community.

However, combine “community” with “free” and there is a lot of potential to unseat cash-hungry, larger operations.

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