Google Favouring Some Advertisers?

It seems there’s one thing everyone agrees upon when it comes to Google’s Adwords changes: no one appears to have a clue what Google wants to see. There are plenty of theories, of course. Google PPC, like SEO, now involves a lot more smoke and mirrors.

On SEW, Jennifer Slegg talks about how a webmaster got a manual inspection, and this was the eye-opening result:

The AdWords team responded in part with “Thank you for calling in today. You wanted to know the status of your site quality review. I wanted to let you know that our specialist team concluded their review, and maintained the current status of your site. They explained that there are currently a number of people providing free, unfettered instant access to MLS listings. Our goal is to provide a user with the best possible results, and it is not clear from your site what makes your solution one of the best options for the end user“. However, the advertiser notes that Google obviously did not read his accompanying advertisement very well, since that was not what he was advertising. His advertisement was:

Anytown MLS Listings
Our Realtors Send Daily Customized
MLS Listings For Anytown, USA

I wonder how Google know what is best for the end user?

It continues….

When it comes to landing page quality, Fox said it is “pretty black and white…..When I asked for specifics on what could improve landing page quality or what exactly on the landing page was being evaluated, Fox was reluctant to answer.

That’s transparency for you.

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