Shoemoney PPC Part Two Podcast – Getting Into PPC For Affiliate Arbitrage

Webmaster Radio has published part two of Shoemoney’s excellent PPC radio show. Part One can be found on that page, too.

One of the things that annoys me about podcasts, and obviously this isn’t anyones fault – it’s the nature of the medium – is that you can’t quickly scan through them and decide if the content is relevant to you, or not. Transcripts would be great, but they can be impractical. However, I think this show by Shoemoney, and the first part, are particularly good because they contain a lot of specific advice and strategy that people can use to increase their revenue from PPC.

Content on the podcast includes:

  • Barry provides a roundup of search news
  • Chris Jones from Pepperjam Search explains how those with low budgets can get into PPC
  • Chris would encourage people to build landing pages so they can test and make changes
  • Do due diligence on the offers, and the market
  • Rotate designs to see which one converts the best
  • Go through the Adwords and Yahoo! free training programs
  • Replicate winning strategies – uses an example of American Idol and ringtones
  • Advice for large PPC budgets of 10K to 100K per month – use good infrastructure, use multiple offers and paths. Invest in detailed, sophisticated analytics and tracking at the keyword level
  • Long tail theory – creating paid clicks for every product available
  • Harnessing product feed technology
  • Adnetworks – create blogs around specific offers, create campaigns around specific offers
  • The value of offline advertising, like Google Print
  • Bid-surfing and bid-shadowing (programmatically following and emulating a leading merchants strategy)
  • Get certified on Adwords and Yahoo – there’s a lot of great tips in the tutorial programs

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