Netscape Getting Desperate?

Netscape’s Digg-inspired homepage hasn’t exactly been a hit, so Jason Calacanis is now offering to pay top diggers to post their stuff.

To quote Nick Wilson:

“As AOL’s Calacanis continues to Digg a grave for the noisome Netscape, the only real value is entertainment. Time to call this one a day i think Jason”.

Apart from the wisdom-of-crowds nonsense, I think this is a market segmentation problem. Some people like their news delivered from authoritive, known sources. Other people like to participate in the news. Some people like to be actively part of communities. Some people just want to read. I guess the question for Netscape is: what do their audience want?

If nothing else, this problem has created a lot of press mileage for Netscape. I, for one, had pretty much forgotten they existed.

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