Adwords Profits Murdered

Well, not for Google, but Graywolf has a thing or two to say about the recent Adwords changes. After his click prices went through the roof, he was advised to do the following:

“My original landing page had a zen-like brevity to it,consisting of the following elements a top graphical banner, a product description, a product image, and a “buy button”. The page was an island with no way in or out to other parts of the site. After speaking with some Adwords reps on the phone it was suggested I “improve the user experience” some suggestions were add alternative navigation, add more information and customer testimonials”

Now, that is just bizarre. In order to entice customers who aren’t web-savvy, and even many who are, zen-like simplicity is definately the way to go. Are Google suggesting that obfuscation is what these users really want? More is more? Then why is their own home page so simple and clean?

“In an effort to regain my lower price I made some changes to increase the “user experience” the customers now started meandering all over the site without purpose, they lost the plot. To make an analogy I paid triple price for my farm animals and threw open the fence and let them wander off into the sunset. Gee thanks Google, I have to say improving the user experience pretty much sucked!”

I’m not surprised. Landing pages are a specialist craft and they take a lot of testing and experimentation to get right. I’m not sure why a) Google may want to make these more complicated than necessary and b) why they still won’t tell advertisiers what they want to see?

Just plain weird.

  1. MongMong07-21-2006

    This is all about more BUCKS.
    Google want to see more bucking coming into their pockets.They can do everything they want because their competitors are way down than Google.And i think its the key.That’s why monoply has never been good .

  2. steevgsteevg07-23-2006

    Yes I agree, Google have a huge advantage over their competition, they make the rules and keep them secret so we all have to keep guessing as to what they want!

    It’s a perfect business example – the customer continues to pay in the hope of finding the secret formula, and Google are happy to keep taking the revenue.

    Wish I could come up with a money making formula like that – but will anyone do anything about it? I guess not – we’re all making money from AdSense/AdWords eh – clever old Google, they’ve got us by the short & curlies!

    Damned if we do – Damned if we don’t!

  3. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo07-23-2006

    Indeed. Why are Yahoo & MSN being so sluggish in this area? The money is on the table, and Google appear to be the only people playing!

  4. Mason ShoesMason Shoes08-07-2006

    Things are becoming a lot difficult. Now we have a new thing PSEO (Paid Search Engine Optimization), we pay and yet we have to optimize our pages for ranking. I believe its just stupid.
    Some people are saying that they want to elimite the MFA (Made for Adsense) advertisers. If they want to eliminate then, why not just ban their Adsense accounts? isn’t it against their TOS to make a website specifically for Adsense?

    I was running a successful campaign on Adwords, but due to this Google change, almost all of my ads were halted with message “increase bid”. I end up pausing all of my ads and looking to other network. I have tried Yahoo Overture (Yahoo Search Marketing), its a bit expensive, but conversion ratio is better than Adwords. I also wanted to try MSN AdCenter, but they didn’t accept my Credit Card, and that was one big surprise.

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