Cream Doesn’t Just Rise To The Top By Itself

More commentary on social networking. Marketing is still important, because content isn’t king. Or if it is, then it still needs a push before anyone will know it:

“Cream doesn’t just rise to the top via social network legerdemain, it has to be pushed. It’s still all about sneezers and influencers and there’s nothing illegal or immoral about this, it’s just not a new paradigm”

Same goes for the SEO/SEM industry. Producing good content is no longer enough in order to be seen. In order to be seen, it must be either a) unique, special and remarkable or b) promoted.

Also, some great commentary on Video Blogging. No doubt you’re aware of Rocketboom, so here’s Rocketboobs. (Thx Nick).

Disclaimer: We still love Rocketboom, especially the bits in French…

  1. JulieJulie07-18-2006

    I am sick of hearing about Rocketboom. 😛 I don’t get the facination….

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