Making Money On The Internet: Create A Sense Of Urgency

Marketing Experiments Blog details their test findings on time sensitive offers and testing the “urgency” of landing pages to increase conversion rates.

Do expiry dates really work on the web? Marketing Experiments Blog make distinctions between lying, implied urgency, and direct urgency. There are clealry risks associated with creating urgency when there really isn’t any.

A summary of their tips:

  • The use of urgency on an offer page can be a very powerful tool, but is not something you can do all the time.
  • Understand that you can use implied urgency as well as direct urgency: “When we mentioned that there were 5,000 DVDs available, conversion rates rose by 508%”
  • The growing sophistication of online audiences means that many people can and will recognize “manufactured urgency”.
  • People buy from people. There is a voice on your website. That voice needs to be consistent.

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