Is Google Anti-Social, And Will It Be Their Downfall?

Article about how social networking is sweeping the net, while Orkut isn’t.

“In the last year, MySpace, which lets members include blogs on their personal pages, surpassed Google’s Blogger as the top social-networking site by Nielsen’s measure in the United States. In May 2006, Blogger had 20 million unique visitors, up 67 percent from May 2005. In contrast, MySpace drew 42 million unique visitors in May, up 329 percent from the same period a year ago, according to Nielsen. Orkut fell below Nielsen’s reporting cutoff at roughly 300,000 unique visitors”.

There’s no doubting the huge popularity, and traffic, of MySpace and Facebook. However, there’s traffic and then there’s traffic. Traffic is not all equally valuable, and it’s questionable whether these social networks are going to be able to monetarise as effectively as Google has done.

I’m not sure MySpace and social networkings are fads, exactly – flirting isn’t going away anytime soon. But they won’t progress much further if the revenue doesn’t show up.

It remains to be seen if the hype will turn into reality…

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