Is PPC The New SEO?

As everybody is no doubt aware, Google updated their Adwords system. The once transparent-ish scoring criteria for determining ad ranking placement has gone a distinct shade of grey. Google, in an on-going bid to be less secretive and more transparent, haven’t told advertisers exactly what criteria they should meet.

So, people have been speculating.

Aaron has a few thoughts, as does Andrew. I lean towards the view that account history has a lot to do with placement, and now there’s some landing page criteria in the mix. I’ve heard as many people complaining about the changes as I have heard people say they haven’t noticed much difference.

Who said PPC is just about getting your credit card out? 😉

  1. dswdsw08-14-2006

    The result: Online income is becoming difficult.
    Ranking on top positions in oragnic results was no problem, but now it seems impossible for most of the newbies. Ranking at #1 sopt in paid results was no problem, but now whatever amount you pay, placement is not guaranteed.

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