Have You Got A Search/Webmaster/Money Makin’/Maketing Blog?

Have you got a online marketing-related blog? Got a post you made in the past that you thought was pretty cool, but it went un-noticed, unlinked and unloved?

Please put the URL in the comments. We need to get some inter-blog debating going 🙂

Or you could blog your answer to this question: “Search Engine Optimization is/is not dead because…”

  1. rick_whittingtonrick_whittington07-13-2006

    Well, I guess I’m the first. I wrote what I thought was a very informative post about great log design that states some practical tips for having a more effective blog.

  2. schoonzieschoonzie07-13-2006

    I just wrote a post last night about OpenSource CMS Comparison tools, and one a few weeks ago about Google on the Way Back Machine.

  3. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo07-13-2006

    Thanks guys – great stuff.

    Keep them coming…

  4. Bookworm.SEOBookworm.SEO07-13-2006

    Hi Peter

    First, I like the blog.
    Second, you might be interested in Terri Wells article at SEOChat comparing Yahoo and Google’s settlements with PPC advertisers who are victims of click fraud. It’s pretty insightful.
    Third, I wrote Google Librarian Center Means 4 SEO Trends, and had it ignored, and also How to Conduct a Site SEO Review (and How to Conduct a Site SEO Review part 2) , which has had a smidgeon of attention – from my dog and bird. And the bird didn’t like it.

    Have you had something that could do with attention?

    Anyways, thanks for the opportunity,

    Bookworm SEO

    p.s. Would you care to trade blogroll links?

  5. John ScottJohn Scott07-13-2006

    p.s. Would you care to trade blogroll links?

    We don’t do link exchanges. 🙂

  6. dburdondburdon07-14-2006


    I wrote this in response to the Outsell report regarding click fraud. Most PPC campaigns waste a lot more money on poor management than they ever lose in click fraud.

    [url=http://uksearch.blogspot.com/2006/07/theres-more-to-pay-per-click-than.html]There’s more to pay per click than click fraud[/url]

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