Do Google Announce Products Around The Time Patents Are About To Be Published?

A good way to do that is to check out patents filed by the search giant. To get regular analysis of these patents, be sure  visit Seo By The Sea, run by my good friend Bill Slawski.

There’s also an interesting article in e-week, in which Stephen Arnold makes a few interesting connections:

But Arnold says there may be more powerful and implicit uses of the technology that the public is unaware of. Say somebody writes a document about blowing up subways, and all we know is it came through an e-mail, one of those crappy free e-mail programs,” Arnold said. “And they may make a reference to a subway stop near a courthouse, and they make reference to other trains that share the track. There are no explicit geocoding clues there, you see. There are only notions that are shadows of a geocode. So these algorithms that Google is working on can examine and provide a list of cities that have a subway station with multiple trains near a courthouse. You don’t need to name the city of New York or the train or the fact that since 9/11 multiple trains share that courthouse station in lower Manhattan. But these algorithms can recurse and iterate the info in that relaxed neural net to offer a list of candidate cities

Things that make you go hmmmm…….

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