Advertisers None Too Happy With Google

For a company that wants to be more open, they’re got a funny way of going about it.

This post on WMW sums up a lot of the frustration webmasters have with Google:

“As someone whose companies spend in excess of $300k per year on your Ad Words Program, I thought I would write you this open letter in hopes that someone would respond to it, as I have been unable to get a response from my assigned rep or anyone else at Google. I mentioned my own projects in addition to my own projects I serve as a consultant for several smaller companies which bring addition sums to Google. Why is it that Google treats me like an unwashed vagrant trying to buy a $.10 cup of coffee at Mc Donald’s rather than someone who spends $300k a year with them?”

Why are they making PPC so difficult? They’re effectively handing money over to Yahoo and MSN.

And they still can’t tell paying customers exactly what they want to see. If low-quality landing pages are the issue, then what is an example of an optimal landing page. Is that too much to ask?

Unless it’s not about landing pages, at all…

  1. John ScottJohn Scott07-13-2006

    IMO it’s just hard for an anti-webmaster, hugely successful company like Google to not be arrogant and rude to advertisers. And I don’t think they mind that they are sending money elsewhere. They do it way too often, but their refusal to communicate persists.

  2. MongMong07-14-2006

    Because Holy Google is earning way more than $300K.

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