Radio Show Featuring Affiliate Marketing, Arbitrage & PPC

Shoemoney has released a new podcast. I’m listening now – you can download a copy from here. Jeremy interviews Kris Jones of


  • How and other formal search arbitrage models work
  • The advantages of running multiple PPC accounts
  • Can you get keyword lists from Google if you spend a lot….

And that’s where things get a little disturbing, as Graywolf also points out.

Is it true that Google are giving keyword data to large advertisers, while at the same time, bid prices have just gone through the roof for small advertisers? Are small advertisers getting shut out of the market by big advertisers leveraging their relationship with Google? Mind you, Jeremy pours a little water on that theory by saying his PPC prices just shifted down.

On with the highlights…

  • Adcenter is the best bang for your buck in the PPC market right now (I agree)
  • The Overture system sucks (Also agree)
  • CPA works better for publishers and advertisers than PPC
  • The process of setting up a PPC campaign

An excellent show. Shoemoney has one of the best webmaster – makin’ – money radioshows out there right now.

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