The Lack Of Wisdom Of Crowds

Hey – what has-been directory does this sound like?

We learn that working the bureaucracy tends to become its own reward for the most dedicated….: “Creating fewer articles as time goes on seems fairly common as people get caught up in the politics and discussion rather than the editing

Nick Carr has a great article on how Wikipedia is getting all self-absorbed. Standard disclaimer – I really like Wikipedia blah blah…..just don’t want to see the good get lost in the byzantine, group-think bureaucracy.

However, I digress.

On group-think:

Elisabeth “Elian” Bauer: No, it does not. The best articles are typically written by a single or a few authors with expertise in the topic. In this respect, Wikipedia is not different from classical encyclopedias.

Kizu Naoko: Elian is right.

There you have it: Experts matter. And they matter more than the “community.” Indeed, “a single or a few authors with expertise” will trump the alleged wisdom of the crowd. Now, there’s something to build on“.

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