Do You Like The Term “Thought Leader”?

Always thought it sucked, myself. Same goes for “guru“. Quasi 60’s, hippy-yet-totalitarian, self-aggrandizing terms.

Just saying….   🙂

  1. JordanJordan07-11-2006

    I totally agree. They’re both stupid.

    “Guru” is pretentious, and sounds like a title a poseur would adopt. “Thought-leader” conjures up images of Lenin, Castro and Saddam.

    A true expert in the field doesn’t need titles like those. 90% of Google’s hits for “Jakob Nielsen” do NOT contain those terms, for example.

    Should we do the same search for you, Peter?

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo07-11-2006

    Heh heh. A search on grumpy old man will probably do the trick 🙂

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