Big Shiny Buttons: Click Here!

I’ve been trawling through the results of one of my tests today, and again I’m reminded that one shouldn’t believe everything one reads.

Instead, one should test.

It is “common wisdom” that big button graphics with “click here” written on them are a no-no. Trouble is, they lead to substantially higher conversion rates on most of my split/run tests, when compared with text links.

Why? I guess it’s because there’s nothing confusing about a big, shiny button with “click here” written on it, especially when we’re talking about MSN users 😉

I haven’t found the same thing for flaming animated gifs, though…

  1. ChrisChris07-12-2006

    What is the definition of ‘no-no’. Are you saying it’s a no-no in regards to website design, credibility, all of the above?

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo07-12-2006

    I guess I used to perceive it that way, and I’ve often heard people in the design and usability fields say it.

    Really, it depends on the audience. Those who are confident web surfers want to know what is behind a link, so they want to see a description. Their main risk is wasting time. Those who are less confident with the web want to be guided and assured they have done the right thing. Their main risk is doing the wrong thing.

    That’s why a big button with “click here” on it will always be useful. It guides certain people, and makes life easy for them.

    Depends on the audience….

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