YPN: Is There A Pulse?

In the distant past, around August 2005, it was announced:

“Yahoo’s long-awaited self-service contextual ad network will launch in the United States in a limited beta test today, extending the reach of Yahoo! Search Marketing ads through small and mid-sized publishers”.

It still doesn’t include publishers outside the US, of course.

Meanwhile, Yahoo! appears to be flat-lining, while the competition looks lively indeed.

  1. rxbbxrxbbx07-05-2006

    You are absolutely right. It’s a shame why it takes so long for european countries to include them. I can’t wait any longer.

  2. Tennis ShoesTennis Shoes08-07-2006

    I’m also waiting for it to go international. But I believe that YPN can’t compete with Adsense. Google have advertisers from almost all of the countries. But Yahoo have most of their advertisers from US which are only intrested in US traffic. They are also banning publishers with lot of international traffic.
    It seems that Yahoo currently do not GEO target ads.

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