Web Statistics Software Recommendations

I’m always curious about web stats software, mostly because I don’t think I’ve found my holy grail yet. Some packages do some things well, but I’ve yet to find a package that meets all my needs. Those packages that do have all the bells and whistles can often be difficult to use and setup.

Ideally, I want a user friendly, highly-configurable package suited to the SEM-obsessed webmaster who runs multiple sites.

Got any recommendations?

Here’s a list of well known stats packages that fall roughly into the webmaster category:

What else?

  1. cdwritescdwrites09-25-2006

    Hi Peter. I have one for you to try. I use it and love it, and I like that I can track multiple domains. Being pretty low-tech myself, I like the graphic reporting especially well. See how it stacks up on your list when you get a chance.


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