New SEO Plug-In For Firefox

Aaron just keeps churning them out, and this is the best yet: SEO For Firefox (beta)

The plug-in allows you to see details like PR, edu and govt links, directory links, KW and traffic data, and more, right in the serps.

At a glance, and with a few clicks, you can gather a wealth of data that will help in your seo campaigns.

Looks like this:

In beta, so you may encounter a few bugs.

Nice work, Aaron.

  1. Tennis ShoesTennis Shoes08-07-2006

    Well, this is a nice tool. But not good in this fast moving world. It takes way too much time to update stats for each link. I’m on 256 DSL , and it took 7 seconds to update the PR for each link, also the results look somewhat crappy to me. I just uninstalled 😛

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