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Cutt-lets Early Christmas Present

You haven’t been able to talk to the ever-amiable Matt Cutts at a conference? Now you can see the man himself on video. Nice work! Matt has released three videos, in which he dishes out SEO advice: Session 1: Including qualities of a good site. Session 2: Including some SEO Myths. Session 3: Should you Optimize for Search Engines or …

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Googles Top Secret Formula Revealed

Amusing glimpse of the hidden ranking formula we all want to know. Highlights include: if ( linksFrom(‘’, url) >= 4 ) { // I link to “clean” sites only // – Matt, Feb 2006 pagerank += 2; blacklist1 = getList(‘’); blacklist2 = getList(‘c:\larry-page-hatelist.txt’); if ( inArray(blacklist1, url) || inArray(blacklist2, url) ) { pagerank = 0; d = dashesInUrl(url); pagerank = …

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Photo Of Google Data Center

Here’s a few photos of Google’s data center in Oregon. ‘Aint it erm…pretty (Attribution: JasonBettineski/Flickr – click for photostream) In other Google news, it is rumoured that Google, and other search engines, are paying some news sites for their content. Unconfirmed, but makes for some interesting reading: “According to the report, news outlets such as AP are compensated on a …

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Winner Of This Years “It Really Goes Without Saying” Headline Competition

The nominations are: Google Winning The Search Engine Wars – ABC News No Peace In The Middle East – LeaderCall Both Microsoft and Google want to dominate the Web – ZDNet Remember, you heard it here first. And the winner is….oh, any of those will do. The upcoming battle in web services will be an interesting one, to say the …

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Earn $50 Per Referral – V7N Directory Affiliate Program

On John’s behalf, I’ll draw your attention to his brand new affiliate program. Pretty simple: refer people to the V7N Directory, each sign-up earns you $50. A few more news stories from today, in brief: Google offers hourly reports on Adwords – see how much you’re blowing through every hour! Google experimenting with unbranded Adsense – I just wish you …

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