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New Adsense Format, Includes Photos

Integrating photos into your Adsense ads is a great way of boosting click-thru rates, and it appears that Google is now offering this format as an option. Jensense is reporting: “AdSense has launched a new beta test called Vertical Images, where an image would take the place of an ad within an AdSense ad unit. These images – which are …

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GBuy: The End Of The Affiliate Model?

There is only one way to stop spam, and that is to remove the incentive. Technical solutions help, but the determined will always route around blockades. Now, imagine if you ran a search engine, and you had access to the actual sales data from websites. In return for this sales data, you may give a boost in ranking to those …

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Are Google SERPs Rubbish?

Rant from Aaron over at TW about the “quality” of the current Google SERPs: “The SERPs are full of off topic trash (wrong page from an authority site or just the home page of a site that has a relevant subpage) and spam and Google’s basic search operators don’t even work. Lame. Aren’t you embarrassed about this Google? Why not …

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Adsense: Twenty Profitable Keyword Areas

I’ve had a few requests (ok, three) for more Adsense strategy. Obviously, one of the most important areas to get right is keyword selection. So what are some of the most profitable Adsense areas? There are plenty of research tools around, but if you’re stuck for topics, you may want to look at these keyword areas to start you off. …

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Commission Junction: Javascript vs. Legacy links

If you’re a CJ publisher, you’re no doubt aware of the strong reaction to the Link Management Initiative amongst affiliates. Essentially, Javascript links don’t offer the flexibility of HTML links, and may compromise some successful, established strategies In this informative post, takes a look at the practical concerns of shifting to javascript links and the problems they can cause, …

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