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Position Vacant: Proofreader

Amusing letters published by ValleyWag, claimed to have been sent by Google recruitment staff: “Your name surfaced across my desk today as I noted I am searching for top talent in Corporate Communications here at Google. I am looking for people with a non traditional background in consulting and crisis management skills and also others in a direct Public Relations …

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Marissa Mayers Day

If you ever wanted to know what Marissa Mayer, VP of Search Products & User Experience at Google does in a day, well now you know. Me, I prefer to strike a work/life balance that involves a lot more drinking of beer, playing of guitars, lounging with friends, and getting as far away from a computer as I possibly can. …

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The Search Industry Is A Media Model

We knew that eh. There’s an interesting interview with Eric Schmidt by the LA Times. There’s some general fluff, and he’s not too willing to be drawn into a Microsoft vs Google debate, but he makes a few interesting points about the search industry and Google’s place within it. Quick summary: The industry is going to develop as a partnering …

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Google Payment System: Gbuy

According to Forbes, Google will introduce a payment system on June 28th: Curious bit: “On its core search results pages, Google will designate each merchant accepting GBuy as a “trusted GBuy merchant.” If consumers view this as a mark of safety and security, Rohan believes this should increase click-through rate“ It remains to be seen if this eventuates, but if …

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Ebay Plans To Syndicate Advertising

According to Reuters: “eBay is set to unveil a keyword advertising system for eBay sellers to promote auctions on other Web sites, borrowing from the strategies of Google and Yahoo.“ The system is called eBay AdContext, and like similar Google and Yahoo systems, Ebay will analyze the content of a web page and deliver relevant auctions. The advertiser will receive …

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Is Google Killing The Internet?

My my – Google insiders have been dumping a lot of Google shares recently. Wonder why that is? It’s a catchy headline, but this article doesn’t really conclude that Google is capable of killing the internet. Yes, the search engines are full of rubbish, and they’ve had a hand in encouraging it, but it isn’t in Google’s interest to depricate …

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