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Behind The Scenes In The Blogsphere

Very interesting academic study on blogging conducted by Dr Nora Barnes, who is a professor of marketing at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Dr Barnes wanted to find out how businesses can survive in the blogsphere. Her study found: Blogs take time and commitment, with many bloggers underestimating quite how much time is involved. Blogs must be part of a …

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To Be Evil, Or Not To Be Evil, That Is The Question

In a further bid to reinforce their image as a technology company, not a media company, Google launch Google Shakespeare. Google offers a vertical dedicated to the bard, so you can easily find plays, sayings, and of course, buy books via Abebooks, Alibris, Amazon and Froogle. A nice tie-in with the Google books project, no doubt. Wherefore art thou, online …

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How To Make Money With Blogs

Blogs don’t make money. Well, some do – but if making money is your aim, then blogging is a really hard way to do it. Still, if you’re the determined type, then Chris has a few pointers on how to write a profitable blog…. ….which I’m going to disagree with. *laughs* Well, not entirely. It’s a good list. However, there …

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Evil Web Based Photo Albums

Got pictures of your cute youngsters sitting on your dusty, old hard drive? That’s soo last week! Now you can upload ’em to the web and share ’em for all to enjoy! Google launch (the undoubtedly evil) Picassa Web Albums. Naturally enough, it’s beta, and you have to be invited. If you’ve got a suitably evil gmail account, you can …

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Google’s Fortress Of Evil

One can almost imagine a portly character stroking a white cat. Google are building a “secret” monolithic datacenter on the desolate, windswept banks of the Columbia River. Small isn’t a word you’d use to describe it. It is big. Very big. As big as two football fields, with twin ominous cooling plants protruding four stories into the dark sky. Cue …

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