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There was a tactic a couple of years back which went like this: issue a press release with a link in it. Get thousands of free links when the release is distributed and appears on auto-gen sites. Worked ok for a while, but then the search engines got wise to it. Now, the value is mostly just PR again (as in Public Relations), and the aim is to get picked up by “real” news sites.

PRWeb have just released a tool called SEO Wizard, in which “….a computer algorithm analyzes the keyword structure within press releases and provides users with reports that guide them in refining their press releases using the best keywords and phrases”.

Lee Odden has an overview of the functionality here.

The keyword phrase data looks interesting…

  1. emediawireemediawire06-29-2006


    It may surprise you to know that I largely agree with your premise here. I have always viewed and promoted press release SEO as a way to assure that your releases are findable in the search engines. I have always viewed and promoted any backlink benefits as simply the cherry on top – a nice bonus if you will.

    Our messaging is about direct-to-consumer press release distribution which means delivering the release to places where consumers reside. I don’t think it can be disputed that the consumer spends a lot of time in search.

    So go ahead and SEO your press releases. It is still a valid way to get noticed. It will remain valid in my opinion for a while yet, at least until the mainstream media starts to apply SEO to their process.

    — David

  2. John ScottJohn Scott06-29-2006

    I’ll have to give that a spin next time I do a press release.

  3. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo06-29-2006

    David, I agree. I think the approach taken by PRWeb is a good one, and I’m looking forward to trying it out myself 🙂

  4. eAgenteAgent06-29-2006

    Hi Peter,

    I’m listening to Blur do “Out of Time”, and it resonates with this message in a big way. Mostly because I’m late (again) in leaving for Gnomedex. And because most of the world is playing catchup, rather than just making a few really smart moves.

    While most of the world is discovering SEO magic, the folks at PRWeb are continuing to improve their already optimized sandbox…

    “It’s the PLATFORM, stupid!” ought to be the battle cry. As a guy who spends Waaayyy too much time on the incremental details of Google’s algo for the month, I’ve found that the safest and most profound results occur when my clients and I apply good, sound SEO optimization to content that lives on a rockin’ SEO optimized platform. A place that proactively injects content into the right places. A Geneva of content platforms.

    It’s the primary reason I use PRWeb as my content distribution solution. Not only can I fine-tune my releases to the Nth degree using their tools, but I also get the opportunity to watch them get broadcast into the news, web and blogsphere. And the lifetime of this content seems to be unlimited (I’m still counting hits and spider activity from press releases I submitted on their site 8 years ago).

    OK, so it’s not JUST the platform. Your content needs to be search engine friendly, but those of us who are in the industry realize this. It’s old hat. What’s becoming more obvious is that the platform is an enormous part of the big picture of intelligent, SEO-optimized content, whether PR, images, podcasts or video.

    Gotta’ go. I’m not even in Longview yet! (and thanks for prompting the discussion).


  5. eAgenteAgent06-29-2006

    By the by: I used PRWeb’s new SEO Wizard Tuesday, and it’s very cool to KNOW, rather than guess your density, popularity, alternative keyphrases and those key elements, right from the PRWeb interface.

    Peter D, it sure beats doing my typical 3-Apps open at once, slicing and dicing between apps to get the perfect content before posting to the PRWeb platform.

  6. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo06-29-2006

    Thanks for contributing 🙂

    You use the term “broadcast” – a term which I think sums up the new approach to SEO. SEO used to be largely passive, but as the fight for attention becomes more fierce, an ongoing PR strategy is an essential part of the mix.

    PS: “Out Of Time” – great tune. Might I suggest “There’s No Other Way” next 😉

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