Google To Open Algorithm?

Puff piece from the Times Online:

Google is pledging to demystify the hidden workings of its search engine as it returns to its founding business plan – to make all the world’s information searchable online.

Uh-huh. I’m pretty sure it with remain rather mystical, just so long as they can convince enough people that it isn’t.

The article continues…

that ranking highly on Google’s search tool – which accounts for as much as 80 per cent of the market in some countries – is essential to trade on the web

“Essential”? Search traffic is not everything. It’s not even half of everything.

For its part, the search engine today insisted it is concentrating on making searches “automatic and objective” through the use of algorithms – complex mathematical formulas – to order information.

Objective? How can an algorithm be “objective”? There’s no shame in subjectivity – it’s the way the world works. All we’re talking about here is the degree of subjectivity.

Bah. End rant 🙂 Thx TW.

  1. domendomen07-15-2006

    They would not open it. It would quickly result in so much SEO optimisations, that they would need to rewrite the algorithm.
    Objective = not biased?

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