Google On Trial Over Serp Results

A new court case against Google:

In March, Google was sued by KinderStart, which alleges it suffered crippling financial harm after its Web site got dropped from the search engine’s index

I believe there may already legal precedent for this case, as described here:

Google’s opinions of Web sites are protected by the First Amendment, says a US court as it denies a motion brought by SearchKing. A federal judge this week granted Google’s motion to dismiss a suit that alleged the company manipulated search results in its powerful Web index”.

My guess is that Google will again argue that the search results are editorial, therefore they can include or exclude content as they see fit. This KinderStart case also serves to highlight the rather strange business approach of relying amost exclusively on Google serp listings for exposure.

Perhaps they’re now shifting to a Google News strategy, instead… 😉

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