Will Web 3.0 Be The End Of Google?

Provocative title, and interesting read on the future of the semantic web:

The Semantic Web (or Web 3.0) promises to “organize the world’s information” in a dramatically more logical way than Google can ever achieve with their current engine design…You’ll be able to ask your info agent or agents to find you the nearest restaurant that serves Italian cuisine, even if the restaurant nearest you advertises itself as a Pizza joint as opposed to an Italian restaurant. But that is just a very simple example of the deductive reasoning machines will be able to perform on information they have

The article is full of big AI concepts, like “inference engine”, which I don’t claim to really understand, but I’m not certain Google will be killed off anytime soon. If anything, this is the sort of thing they love, and would look to integrate, if not fund.

If it works, that is…

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