New Adsense Format, Includes Photos

Integrating photos into your Adsense ads is a great way of boosting click-thru rates, and it appears that Google is now offering this format as an option.

Jensense is reporting:

AdSense has launched a new beta test called Vertical Images, where an image would take the place of an ad within an AdSense ad unit. These images – which are generic, and not company-specific – act similar to an ad link unit, linking to a page related to the ads and image that appeared in the ad unit

  1. ColleenColleen06-28-2006

    It’s definitely interesting. I love new formats to play with. 😀

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo06-28-2006

    Indeed, Colleen.

    I wonder when they’ll be integrating the “Click These Links Now!” graphic as a default 😉

  3. JulieJulie06-29-2006

    I”ve been getting these on my one site….for contact ads, they have the picture of like a person’s finger with a contact on the end of it, and then the ad below it. I hope it brings more clicks.

  4. dswdsw08-13-2006

    I saw this on many sites, but didn’t click it, but was also wondering what actually it is, and why my website don’t have it. Reading this article at Jensense cleared everthing, I think its a great idea. Difinately will increase the CTR.

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