Google Under Fire

From the Catawba County Schools Board, no less.

In short, schools say Google grabbed information they shouldn’t have. Google says they are wrong. Either way, the names, Social Security numbers and test scores of 619 students were still bouncing around the Web for people with computers to find and read until late Friday, when the page was apparently removed“.

There are still some pages floating around the net, from what I can see.

My guess is the problem is almost certainly due to a security flaw, and not at Google’s end. However it does highlight the issue of data security in an environment where data wants to be, erm, “free”.

In other Google news, Adsense was down in the weekend, leading many to suspect that new features are imminent. Features such as, say, cost per action? Or a payments system? Or maybe Adsense was just down for maintenance, but that would be boring 🙂

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