Ten Ways To Hate Google

I like Google. They help me make money. I generally tend to like people who help me make money. Their search engine isn’t too bad, either 😉

But some investors may see it from a different angle.

How do you feel about the points raised in that article?

A few questions:

  • Does it matter that the products aren’t bleeding edge?
  • Would a razor sharp focus on search be the right thing to do at this time?
  • Is there a difference between the needs of enterprise computing and web computing? Which market will see the most growth in years to come?
  • Who are Googles main competitors?
  • Is creativity more important than execution?
  1. dburdondburdon06-22-2006

    I read the Motley article. I don’t hate Google.

    However, I agree with the one trick pony statement. Two negatives here:

    1. Companies are getting smarter at managing ppc. This will have a dampening effect on bid values.

    2. The plethora of Adsense click fraud scams can only last while advertisers are failing to uncheck the content box on Adwords.

    David Burdon

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo06-22-2006

    Good points, David.

    Do you think that there is much growth in the PPC area? i.e. are there more companies that don’t do it now who are just about to discover it?

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