SEM: The Ultimate Guerrilla Warfare

The ten truths about “Real” Guerrilla Marketers.

There’s some good advice in there that can be appled to SEM.

1) It’s not about the battle, it’s about the war – getting number one for term x is a battle. Winning the war is about getting qualified visitors.

2) Deploy mercenaries wisely – SEO agencies can help. They can seldom work miracles. SEM must be integrated into business strategy.
3) Think small, but spectacular – the speed-boat out-maneuvers the battleship. Get out before the storm hits, though.
4) Get the gold and get out – I have nothing to add to this, so I’m going to quote it: “Guerrilla campaigns are executed with laser precision. This means they get clear, quantifiable business objectives. Once these are achieved, you get out”.

5) Don’t forget propaganda – propoganda is about link aquisition. If you do something, shout about it.

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