Testing Your Headlines

Headlines are powerful. Direct marketing strategy places a lot of emphasis headlines, and how well-crafted headlines can improve response rates.

Which headline led to the most conversions?

  1. (Control)
  2. Dental Plans for $8.33 a month. Acceptance Guaranteed.
  3. Over 55,000 Dental Care Providers. Acceptance Guaranteed.
  4. Dental Care Coverage. Best Price Guaranteed.
  5. Low Cost Dental Care for the Uninsured.
  6. Best Price Dental Care – Without Insurance.

In this test, headline 2 increased the conversion rate of the page by a staggering 72.76%.

The article provides a great case study on landing page testing methodology, using a mix of A/B testing and multivariable techniques.

  1. drdentaldrdental01-31-2007

    I agree that headlines can be dealbreakers. Of course, I was attracted to this page because I run an affordable dental plan site, and this thread is relevant. The only problem most webmaster have, is that they don’t receive enough traffic to run tests such as that above.

    Any suggestions for headline-writing when we have no traffic to test for conversions?

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