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Mike Grehan interviews Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg, authors of “Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?”. This book is a follow-up to “Call To Action”, their very good, if somewhat erratic, best-seller of 2005.

Anyone read the new book yet? Your thoughts?

This is gold:

Search can certainly drive tons of traffic to your Web site. Yet there’s a strong tendency for people with a not-so-high conversion rate to simply send tons more traffic to improve the bottom line. Keep it simple. If you sent 100 people to your site and 20 people purchased, you have a 20 percent conversion rate. So you could send another 100 and achieve the same. Maybe. But what about looking at it the other way and trying to convert the 80 who didn’t purchase? “That’s exactly it,” said Jeffrey. It’s harder to double your traffic these days than it is to double your conversions,” adds Bryan.

Bryan (I think) also talks about how there’s not enough emphasis on “marketing” in the term “search engine marketing” – while there’s a lot of talk about deconstructing algorithms.

Listen to the full interview here.

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