How To Get Billions Of Pages Indexed In Google

Push the “Generate” button. Wait a few days.

This post on Monetize explains how:

“Check out this site: search of — depending which datacentre you hit, you will see between 3.8 and 5.5 BILLION RESULTS. Even worse… the domain is EIGHTEEN DAYS OLD.”

Of course, the site and subdomains appear to be dropping straight back out again, persumably because Google have sent in the humans to give Big Daddy a slap.

Makes you wonder why the search engines couldn’t spot these domains in the first place? How many legit sites publish millions, let alone billions, of pages? In the space of 18 days?

I somehow doubt the Adsense checks will be paid out…

  1. Tennis ShoesTennis Shoes08-07-2006

    This domain is not indexed at Google now, maybe dropped by Google. but at the time it was active, I checked its Alexa rank and it was around 5,000 . It means Google was not only crawling billions of pages but also have given good rankings to it.

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