Money Shoes

Shoemoney posts an interesting PPC experiment, the result of which was:

In March using these 4 networks I budgeted $40,000.00 Of that $40,000.00 I was only able to spend $28,932.75 for a total gross return of $144,329.29 for the month of march

It’s a great read, and an excellent lesson about knowing your market. You get a lot of talk on the web about how to run PPC campaigns and keyword selection, but very little about market analysis.

Shoemoney figures out exactly who his market is, then targets precisely:

Who is most likely to freely give out there phone number? Ya… your kids….we know we can already eliminate Nextel because they cant use any of the Ringtones offers were are doing….after doing a quick Google search we see that the average age of cellular phone users is 21….So I am going to target Cingular and T-mobile users. Cingular in my opinion is the best demographic to target….

…and so on.

He makes it sound easy, eh.

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