Google’s Fortress Of Evil

One can almost imagine a portly character stroking a white cat.

Google are building a “secret” monolithic datacenter on the desolate, windswept banks of the Columbia River. Small isn’t a word you’d use to describe it. It is big. Very big. As big as two football fields, with twin ominous cooling plants protruding four stories into the dark sky. Cue violins. Lightning flashes. Deep, bellowing laughter.

Perhaps they’ll use it to take over the world. Or perhaps they’ll use it to make some really cool stuff, like…erm…spreadsheets!

Who knows – the network is the computer may actually come to fruition:

Imagine a computer so big and so powerful that none of us will ever again need a PC, just an internet connection to link us to the bit of that giant PC that contains all our data. That internet connection could either come in the shape of a very small, very cheap desktop screen and modem with minimal processing power, a mobile phone or Personal Digital Assistant, or even a television“.

  1. ChrisChris06-15-2006

    Soilent Green is people.!!!!1111!!!

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