Evil Web Based Photo Albums

Got pictures of your cute youngsters sitting on your dusty, old hard drive? That’s soo last week! Now you can upload ’em to the web and share ’em for all to enjoy!

Google launch (the undoubtedly evil) Picassa Web Albums. Naturally enough, it’s beta, and you have to be invited. If you’ve got a suitably evil gmail account, you can sign up here.

  1. JulieJulie06-14-2006

    Umm…uploading pics to the web is hardly a new phenomenon.

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo06-14-2006

    Agreed. I believe it’s been referred to as “doing a Flickr”, which is, of course, owned by arch rival Yahoo!

  3. ChrisChris06-17-2006

    What I like is that it preloads all the pictures, so browsing through an album is actually very ‘quick’. At least faster than what I’ve noticed in other online albums.

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