Too Much Search News Noise

I accept there’s a certain irony in what I’m about to say:

Search news noise – there’s far too much of it.

Each day, there is an avalanche of search-related news, views, gossip, opinion, blog posts, forum posts, and press releases. There are still only 24 hours in a day. There is no way anyone can read all of it, or even a small percentage of it. There is way too much noise. And so much of it is set on “repeat”.

But most of us like to stay informed.

So, how to do it?

I was chatting with Aaron Wall last night, and he, like me, has a small list of favourites he always reads, but even then he’s cutting down. I use aggregators and sign up for just about every search feed going, but I only scan them on a daily basis. If the headline grabs my attention, I’ll read further. Forums have become impossible to keep up with, unless one of my trusted blog sources happens to point out a thread. I have a small group of blogs I always read in their entirety because I’ve come to trust the people writing them, and I like the spin they put on things. It’s fair to say that recycled news blogs get no attention whatsoever.

So, aggressive human filtering, combined with data mining tools, wing of bat and hint of nutmeg plays a fairly large part in my information management strategy.

How do you manage it? Or does all the noise make you want to tune out entirely?

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