Page Rank Patents Updated

Bill points out subtle changes in the PageRank Patents. While much of the modification appears to be about tidying the wording up, I find the use of the term node rather interesting:

In accordance with yet another implementation consistent with the present invention, a method for organizing linked nodes includes determining first link information for a linked node; determining second link information for linking nodes that link to the linked node; and calculating a score for the linked node based on both the first link information and the second link information

Which may refer to the importance of authority hubs for ranking purposes, if in fact, authority hubs are “nodes” in this context. I guess we knew that anyway.

I need to do some more reading…

Nice work, Bill.

  1. BillBill06-09-2006

    Thanks, Peter.

    We do get mentions in the references sections of a couple of versions of a Jon Kleinberg paper, and a link to a Kleinberg patent in the new version of the patent (the old one only mentioned one of those papers).

    Those references appear in the 2004 patent though.

    It’s good to get people looking at the patents on pagerank instead of just the papers on them. I’ve been exploring the text of those documents for associations that I might have missed before.

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