How To Test Your Web Business Idea

Most Web 2.0 apps will go nowhere. Not because people aren’t putting the effort in, or that people aren’t good enough, or that Web 2.0 isn’t getting enough press mileage (!).

Most ideas will fail because they lack a business model.

Here’s ten good questions to help test web business ideas:

1)Who else have you spoken to?
2) How will you make money? – If Adsense is your stratetgy, you might want to start thinking of some alternate revenue models.
3) How will your company grow?
4) What technologies do you use? – Id’ say this question is largely irrelevant, unless your promotion relies on Web 2.0AjaxyRubyOnRails hype generation.
5) How easily can you be copied?
6) Can we see the demo?
7) Who are your competitors and how are you better/different?
8) Who are your customers?
9) How will you spread the word about your product?
10) What will your market penetration be?

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