Being “Busy” Isn’t Progress

This stuff just makes me cringe:

Until now, watching a movie has been an entirely passive experience

This was actually said by someone demonstrating their new Web 2.0 mashup tool. Apparently, if your hands aren’t busy, your brain isn’t engaged.

It gets worse:

The New York Times Magazine recently had a long essay on the future of books that gleefully predicted that bookshelves and libraries will cease to exist, to be supplanted by snippets of text linked to other snippets of text on computer hard drives


Can you imagine a play being made better by a group of idiots (bloggers, possibly) jumping on stage and, in some misguided post-modern expression of individuality, throwing in their own lines and plot progressions? Or a movie being made better by allowing twenty people to direct it? Would Monet have produced better work if he subcontracted the painting to a bunch of over-eager 15 year olds who owned the latest paintbox?

Art requires a unity of vision, and the ability to express that vision. Owning a pencil doesn’t make someone Shakespeare.

Mashup “tools”, with rare exception, mostly result in a lot of noise. Signifying nothing 😉

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