Attention Economy

It’s a slow news day, which reminds me of when I first started blogging about search engines. Google was a privately held company, and AltaVista still meant something (only just). Really, there wasn’t much to talk about on a day-to-day basis, unless you were closely involved with SEO.

How things have changed. Now everyone talks about Google and search. Constantly.

A post at Performancing:

You may call me a Google-basher, if you wish, but it still baffles me why Google should churn out these services at such a high rate. There are so many better things to do! Like, for example, they could actually be fine tuning their Search algorithm or re-inventing it

Part of the reason they churn out these services at such a high rate is because it’s good marketing. They know the world’s media is watching, so why spend on advertising when you can create something much better: buzz.

Without all the puffery, there’s only the algorithm. And it’s not worth talking about Google’s algorithm because, well, there’s nothing much to say about “sorting”, unless you’re into SEO. If Google published their algorithms – now that would be news!

I don’t think Google’s recent “lets be more open” initiative extends quite that far 🙂

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